CMP can manufacture sheet metal assemblies and components based on nearly any concept, drawing, or physical example to your design specifications. Because of our technology, advanced equipment and experienced staff, we can create the most complicated shapes out of many different materials.  We also have modern equipment to punch, form, perforate, laser cut, custom tool and stamp metal. Our fabricated metal assemblies and components can be produced quickly, to a very high quality, and to your unique specifications. Our welding department excels at fabricating assemblies and components, offering a wide range of welding techniques from MIG, TIG, and spot welding.

Our facilities and equipment allows us to do medium or large production runs on sheet metal parts and blanks. We specialize in understanding what each company needs, forming it to meet specifications and meeting delivery deadlines so that you can keep your production lines running. Since the quality of any product is based on the quality of the components, our fabricated metal parts will provide the best results for your final product.

This sturdy control cabinet is used to control a 6 cylinder gasoline engine used in a special application.  The assembly is made from 19 different parts.  Just about all of the parts are laser cut and formed in house.  We used our customer's 2-D drawings to create a 3-D assembly using Solid Edge.  The allowed us to generate the correct blank size with no trial and error and the parts were to print and the fit of the parts made the welding of the assembly much easier, which saved time and money.

This is an aerospace part using miniature custom rivets.  We assemble this using tooling made in house we call the "Drop Tron", which uses a weight and gravity to provide a consistent force.  This has worked well to roll the straight rivet used in this assembly

These enclosures were designed and manufactured in house.  We were asked to design and build an enclosure to fit around a blower motor and to design and build a hand tool to incorporate a cylindrical brush with a shield driven by a pneumatic motor. The cylindrical brush spins on bearings mounted on both sides.

This enclosure is laser cut and drawn in house.  The stainless nut plate at the bottom of the enclosure is CNC machined in house.  The swivel nuts on the sides are riveted and bonded using 3M adhesive. One of our suppliers applies the chemical film and another applies the Deft primer coating.

This aluminum part is laser cut and formed in house.  One of our suppliers applies the chemical film.  Then we installed a PEM fastner using a squeeze gun.

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