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Consolidated is prepared to take care of your welding requirements. CMP’s equipment includes two TIG welders.  The latest addition was purchased in June of 2016. It is the Dynasty 280 DK. We also have two resistance spot welders and two wire welders. Welding and polishing is an art. Welded corners can be polished so that the junction appears to be one piece of metal formed rather than two pieces welded together. We love to see a project come together.

One of the parts on this eject mechanism did not have the strength to eject the memory card. We designed a stiffener and laser cut, formed and spot welded it into place to solve the problem

metal products

This sturdy cabinet is used in a special application. The edges are wire welded and then polished to appear as though they were formed corners. After the cabinet is inspected it is sent to one of our suppliers to be powder coated.

metal products

The parts of this assembly are produced and spot welded to together.

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