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Laser cutting has gained popularity because it reduces the requirement for tooling.  We have software which makes it possible to design in 3D and layout multiple part numbers on a common sheet so that the utilization of the material is increased.  We use Solid Edge, Solid Works, and Auto Cad.

We have been supplying metal fabrications to our customers since 1974.  We design our formed parts in 3D using Solid Edge and Solid Works software.  In this way the trial and error method is kept to a minimum.  We really enjoy taking a flat part and breathing life into it by giving it shape and form.

Recently added CNC turning to our machining operations. 2" Dia. through the spindle we have purchased a bar feed but currently do not have it installed.

Consolidated Metal Products got its start by providing short run stampings.  We produced flat blanks, formed parts and semi-deep drawn parts. We produce stamped parts from coil, sheet, and laser cut blanks, Including blanking parts out using steel rule dies.

One of the parts on this eject mechanism did not have the strength to eject the memory card. We designed a stiffener and laser cut, formed and spot welded it into place to solve the problem

We have provided many different assemblies to our customers and have experience with many different components. Here are some examples of the assemble we have done.

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